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I offer a FREE clarifying call on Zoom or by telephone to understand your unique situation and provide personalized support.

Let me help you overcome the challenges holding you back and reclaim your health, so you can embrace life fully and freely.

I can help you with:

As an Intuitive health Expert and energy healer with nearly 30 years of experience, I specialize in assisting women facing chronic health issues, anxiety, and depression. My approach involves crafting personalized programs, blending various healing methods, and offering ongoing support.


Health Transformation Program for Chronic and Recalcitrant Health Conditions:

Tailored for chronic health conditions, this program integrates diverse energy healing techniques such as Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief, Global energy Method, and FCOA. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution but a dynamic, evolving process that addresses individual needs, fostering lasting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Emotional Release Program for Stress, Past Negative Experiences, and Anxious Thoughts:

Designed for stress, past traumas, and anxious thoughts, this program provides a safe space for emotional healing. Integrating energy healing modalities and trauma-informed practices, it empowers women to release emotional burdens, cultivating inner peace and resilience.

Both programs are not just interventions but commitments to ongoing support, leveraging my decades of experience to guide and provide additional tools. With compassion and personalized care, I aim to facilitate profound transformations in the lives of the women I serve.


Overcoming Emotional Walls: Building Authentic Connections, Authentic connection to money and to your body.

Emotional walls, often rooted in loneliness or pain, can hinder genuine connections by limiting our ability to communicate and share feelings. These defensive constructs emerge when we seek control. My approach involves breaking down these barriers through energy healing and therapeutic techniques, fostering an environment for authentic expression. By addressing the underlying issues, I guide individuals on a transformative journey toward open communication, self-discovery, and building resilience against the instinct to build emotional defenses. The goal is to empower individuals to experience richer, more meaningful connections.

Belief Code, Body Code, Global energy method

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Health Transformation Program – designed for dealing with chronic and recalcitrant health conditions.

In the face of chronic health issues, I understand the importance of a comprehensive and tailored approach. My Health Transformation Program is crafted to provide a holistic healing experience, acknowledging the intricate connection between the mind, body, and spirit.

This program incorporates a fusion of energy healing techniques, drawing upon my extensive expertise and diverse methods developed over the years. From Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code, G.E.M to FCOA, each session is carefully curated to address the root causes of physical ailments and promote overall well-being.

Moreover, I recognize that the journey to health is unique for each woman. Therefore, the Health Transformation Program is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it is a dynamic process that evolves as we uncover the individualized needs of each client. By blending ancient wisdom with modern understanding, we pave the way for lasting transformation and renewed vitality.

From $ 997,00

Emotional Release Program – designed for dealing with stress, past negative experiences, and anxious thoughts.

For those grappling with emotional burdens such as stress, past traumas, and anxious thoughts, my Emotional Release Program provides a safe and supportive space for healing. This program is designed to help women navigate the complex terrain of their emotions, fostering a journey towards inner peace and emotional resilience.

Utilizing a combination of energy healing modalities, therapeutic techniques, and compassionate guidance, the Emotional Release Program aims to unravel the layers of emotional distress. Together, we work to release stagnant energy, clear emotional blockages, and cultivate a renewed sense of self.

Understanding the profound impact of past negative experiences on mental well-being, I integrate trauma-informed practices into this program. By acknowledging and addressing these emotional scars, we pave the way for authentic healing, empowering women to break free from the shackles of anxiety and depression.

From $ 997,00

Energetic Walls Release Trauma Wall, Abundance Wall, and Body Wall.

Trauma Wall: A trauma wall is built-up trauma that limits a person from living life to the fullest.

It is created from traumatic events from any point in the life cycle, which then become cognitive trauma triggers that affect action, reaction, and even personality.

Abundance Wall: From our parents, we acquire limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and a variety of money-related barriers.

Whether we refer to it as poverty or lack, unemployment or even a hefty salary, we can move through life with an extremely pessimistic outlook on money.

Body Wall: Are you struggling with weight issues despite trying everything? Releasing your body wall may be the key to finally reaching your weight goals.

Whether you’re finding it challenging to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your current weight, releasing your body wall could provide the solution you need.

From $ 647,00

Free Clarifying Call

Transform Your Life with Energy Healing

As a passionate healer with over 25 years of experience, I specialize in empowering professional women facing stubborn health and emotional challenges.

Using powerful energy healing techniques like the Global Energy Method, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code, I identify and release hidden energetic imbalances, activating the body and mind’s innate healing abilities for lasting change.

I offer a FREE clarifying call on Zoom or by telephone to understand your unique situation and provide personalized support.

Let me help you overcome the challenges holding you back and reclaim your health, so you can embrace life fully and freely.


Frequently asked questions

What most people are asking about the my services.

Subtle Changes for Profound Results!

The Global Energy Method™ (G.E.M.) is not like any other energy healing modality on the planet, and I'll tell you why...

G.E.M. is an in-depth quantum healing concept that brings in strategies to healing from all over the globe together with psychology and in-depth knowledge of neuroscience, biology, physiology, and clinical nutrition to empower each practitioner with the needed skills to get the best and most permanent results for their clients with each and every lesson. 

The Global Energy Method™ is taught within a globally accredited academy where the students seeking certification interact with experienced practitioners, the creators of the method, and have access to ask questions where they get live answers each month. 

Experienced practitioners are the most educated, reliable, consistent, and supported practitioners in the field of energy medicine. 

The Global Energy Method™ is also an approved continuing education provider for the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board! 

The Emotion Code & The Body Code are a patented, revolutionary Energy Balancing System designed to help identify root causes of discomfort, disease, and suffering in body and spirit.

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson D.C. (Ret.), The Body Code is the larger Energy Healing System of which The Emotion Code is a part.

The Body Code System is a series of mind maps that can identify over 800 different imbalances and misalignments everywhere in The Physical and Spiritual/Energetic Body.

The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson is a guide to releasing trapped emotions that cause physical and emotional pain. It reveals how to identify and remove emotional baggage, leading to greater health, wealth and happiness.

The Belief Code is built on the foundation of The Body Code, and has been developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson of Discover Healing. It is the evolution of a protocol he used to sometimes refer his Body Code clients to, called T3, which deals specifically with identifying and reversing our limiting belief systems.

We don’t always believe what we think we believe.  In fact, very often we don’t.  This is because our conscious beliefs often represent what we’d like to believe.  We think we value ourselves, we think we deserve respect – and we can find many reasons to justify why we should, but when we look deeply at what we really feel and believe inside, we often find that it’s just the opposite.


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